Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Right now I am listening to "the master quilter" and hand quilting. Very good fiction book, in the elm creek quilts series.
Not that much else new, I am working also on my jacobs ladder blocks and am not sure if I am going to have alternating blocks like a snowball or something that adds to the blocks make them look better. they are huge, 12 inches and I love them. When I get to it I will post pictures. Having fun with my "new" treadle I almost like it better then my other one. It is different in good ways. I don't know if I've typed about it much, but it is a White FR(family rotary) patented 1913. Typical look, with attachments(most of them are there. There are only about 3 that I don't believe I have in my knowledge which isn't a lot)
It has a lot of decal damage, and you can see the metal underneath the black paint on a few spots. Otherwise it looks very nice and it is prettier then my other one. I sort of care, sort of don't. It works and thats good enough for me. I would love a old old one though sometime because I am and am not a collecter.
It runs very smoothly and producing a fair stitch. I put the belt on myself, which was not easy, I've never done that! Well, now I know, for the next time I bring home another treadle.......

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, I keep forgetting to write.. I got another sewing machine, for 30$ and it is a treadle with a lot of the attachments. Not quite sure what all of the feet are, but still. It was in fairly good condition, I just cleaned and oiled everything, and put a new belt on and wow! Almost better then my other treadle(yes this is number two)