Sunday, December 19, 2010

Picture of machine(with more rambling)


Here is a picture of my machine I talked about yesterday. Like I said, I am picking it up on Tuesday. I'm also going to get 4 heads, which will bring my total to 31, until I sell my white FR treadle Tuesday evening. I'm currently working on the White FR head, and am having a few issues. I am positive it is a user error, I just have to figure out which one!!

On the quilting front. After I get my mother's king quilt done, I am going to be working on a vintage top I have - very pretty lady of the lake pattern. Not sure how I'm going to bind it - so wish me luck! On my mom's quilt, I am trying a different strategy. I don't have room to lay out a 120x120 quilt, so I am going to sew the top and bottom right sides together and have the batting on the bottom. Then I will turn it right side out, baste and quilt it. Also, with this method, I will not have to do a lot of hand work for the binding, and I am pretty sure it will last for quite a while. I have another quilt that is in very poor condition, you can tell it was used a lot, and the binding was done this way. The binding has no wear whatsoever!!

On my "new" machine, I also got needles from ebay! I am crossing my fingers that they will get there by Thursday, so I can start playing with it!!

Have a good day all,


Saturday, December 18, 2010



I've been actually making and selling quite a few things! This week I am taking the money I've made from my quilts, and buying a industrial machine! I am really happy about this, as I have wanted one for quite a while. It's a singer 31-20...

My current project is a quilt for my mom, a king size. Will be posting pictures of it in progress soon. It's the bargello I posted pictures of a few posts ago. I had to add a huge border to it, but it still looks great!!

Hope all of you have happy holidays,