Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, yesterday I went to a TOGA. For those of you who are not members of treadle on, it is a Treadle On Gathering Association. Toga for short. It was a mini Toga in Portland OR, and it was really fun. Jerry from Salem gave me a Davis VF, and a New Home(for a treadle base that I have) at the Toga, which was really nice of him. I can't wait to use the Davis, and the new home for that matter. I bought a treadle base for the Davis VF at the Toga, I hope to get it in soon.

There was a scrap catcher tutorial, by Sally W, that I did. Mine didn't turn out the best, but I'm using it anyway!

The raffle was wonderful. I noticed that Jerry L. had the Carter Bays Book for the raffle. I'd been wanting that book for a while, and for some reason, perhaps a system quirk, I'd never been able to get it from the library. I put two tickets in, and I won it!!! I am really happy about it, and I hope to read it soon.

I got a few other things from the raffle as well. Debra B. let me help with the raffle, it was really fun!

I came home with 5 machines, and 2 handcranks. It brings my total of machines up to 11.

I got a Wheeler & Wilson, which I've wanted for a while, a Western Electric(that I have no idea what I'm going to do with) and a 1895 Singer Handcrank. The singer handcrank I bought from Mary R, who put the Toga together. It runs really really nice, and I love it! I like how old it is too, since I've wanted to get a 100 yr old one for a while..

I got a Singer straight leg base, and I have put my Class 15 clone in there, it seems like it'll work very nice. I already told you about the Davis base, it is painted white, and a drawer is furry, but it still seems like it'll work!

In all, it was a wonderful day, and I really hope they do another one next year.

Thank you to all who helped make it possible. It was wonderful!!

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