Saturday, November 20, 2010



I've been sewing like mad! I've made around 15 potato bags(which are very controversial by the way) two lap quilts, two table runners, a table topper, and a few other things I can't remember at the moment. I've had a lot of fun :)

So far the market my dad started is going pretty good. This will be the 6th week, and we have a crystal vendor. She was at another craft sale I was at today, and I got two crystals. One is a black one and I cannot remember what it is called. The other, whose name I do remember, is a quartz. I'm going to put both in my main Davis VF's drawer!! Fun :)

Apparently, we are expecting some snow. Main thing I see, is if the power goes out - I'll still be set, besides light and my iron, of course. I am hopeful we don't get snowed in, but if we do, we do.

Hope everybody has a great thanksgiving!


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  1. well for the light you need an oil lamp and for the iron...if you have a wood stove get one of the old antique ones. Then you're really all set! Treadles are wonderful aren't they?