Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goals and etc


I now have a goal with this blog. I am going to post every day. Since August 25th, I have been keeping a written private journal, and have not missed writing in it. I want to do this on this blog as well, but mostly pertaining to quilting and also to improve my skills as a writer.

This summer, I've had a lot going on, and quite a bit on my plate. In July, I went to Virginia for a week. It was a youth conference that my church hosted. It was at the College that I want to go to. The college is called Southern Virginia University, and my goal now is to apply for August of 2012.

So, I've been busy doing a lot of schoolwork, and until the end of September(I'm 16 now by the way) I haven't done anything other then move my sewing room, quilting or machine wise.

Starting in September though, I was able to piece 3 quilt tops(all very simple) and finally get the binding on a quilt I've had in process for over a year. Two of the three Quilt Tops are now quilting, one is bound and one is in the process, as is the other one.

Right now I am working on my Round Robin Quilt, I'm going to try getting it basted and ready to start quilting soon. I am also in the process of several more lap quilts with 4 patches. Busy, but a lot of fun!

More Tomorrow!

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