Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, I saw my Aunt yesterday, and it was great! We visited for a few hours, I showed her one of my machines(the western electric) and we worked on finishing the case.

I gave her the quilt. Here are two pictures of it. It is not a proper Quill ow, as I quilted it before I put the pillow thing on. I quilted it on my Riccar treadle(in the straight leg base) with the presser foot all the way done. It was 3 layers of batting - I wanted to give her a warm quilt.
My Davis VF complained about it, so thats why I used the Riccar. An EBay seller once said about the same machine "It's built like a tank."
One amusing comment on Craigslist was that this old machine was bullet proof!!! I was laughing hard about that! I love them because they are some heavy and dependable. I'd take one over a new one any day(unless it was a Bernina 830)
My dream though is still to get a Computerized embroidery sewing machine, I just don't have a 1000 dollars to spend on one yet...


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