Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting Caught Up(at last)

Well, I have been thinking about my deadlines. I have most out of the way by now. My dad's quilt is done, my Aunt's quilt is done, I don't have any immediate swaps to fulfill, which is nice. I just have the Treadle On Block Exchange to do, and that's the end of the year. I have a few of those done as well, so it isn't like I am really putting it off. I have a bag of scraps to send somebody, as well, but that's about it.

I had joined a few secret pal swaps, and I've sent all of mine out, and I've gotten most of mine(I think there is still one to get)

So, what to do now?
I joined a year round Secret Angel swap, that sounds fun. My main concern is that there is not a limit for the amount to send somebody. I don't want to send a small envelope and get a box, or vice versa!!
It still sounds fun though, so I am hopeful it'll work out.

I also joined a Doll Quilt Swap. I am supposed to do a quilt to represent my state(Oregon)
I'm thinking about a 1inch sunshine&shadow in greens, with some trees appliqu├ęd on.

I seem to be addicted to swaps!!!


  1. The swap sounds like a lot of fun! I have never done one....yet! Sounds like you've got things going well and lots of finishes! Way to go.....

  2. Thanks!
    You should try swapping, it is so much fun!!

  3. Hello Emily, do you have a photo of yourself? I want to see a photo of the amazing Quilter Emily! Your StashBuilders quilty buddy, Barb W in MN