Sunday, December 13, 2009

Doll Quilt, and more...

Well, I've been working on my doll quilt. I have most of the top completed. It's a green sunshine & shadow(same design as my aunt's sort of quillow) with 1 inch squares. I just have a couple more rows to put on, and then I'm going to quilt it.
It's supposed to represent my State(Oregon)
Do you think I should put a few trees on, or leave it like it is?
I'm debating it, as the 1 inch squares are actually pieced together, not strip pieced or paper pieced. That was a lot of work, and the trees will be more work. I don't know what kind of a quilt I'm going to get, I just don't know that I want to put a lot of time and effort into something, send it, and then get something that isn't as nice.
I am not sure yet, I'm going to try to get a few opinions, so please comment! :)


  1. How about using trees as your quilting pattern. I am thinking you could use a christmas tree cookie cutter as your template. I love your sunshine and shadows with the colors representing the Oregon Ducks! Joan from TO

  2. Hi Emily! I like the suggestion to quilt the trees if you think the tree should be present on your quilt. You can use the grid of the block to mark your Christmas tree stitching line and it really will not be more difficult to stitch than a grid.

    Ultimately, you hold the final call on what you add..... The 1" squares sound beatiful as is and if a doll quilt you may not need to add the additional detail.

    Enjoy the process and let that be your guide.


  3. Since I don't see a picture of the quilt, I was wondering, is this the state of the State quilt*, or is it a "real" representation?
    Onion to,

    *state of the State - Giving the state bird as the flying slug, the state plant as moss, the state color as mildew etc. I got a hand drawn representation of that from my neice years ago and it was priceless.