Monday, March 1, 2010


I've not posted for a while, but am going to try to start up again. I'm just going to post randomly, not every Sunday like I was doing.

A little over two weeks ago, we got ducks! 9 Muscovy ducks to be exact. They are a lot of fun. I enjoy watching them, they make really cute noises. We got them for eggs, but may keep them when they no longer lay, and get other ones as well. Someday I hope to have a 50 duck flock!!

This is not a very good picture, but until we figure out how to have them be free range without being eaten and going in our pond, they are in there.

They love celery, you'll have about 3 of the hens at once trying to grab it!!

On a quilting note, I made this mini quilt for a doll quilt swap on
It was a lot of fun!!


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