Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Quilt..

Last night I dug out a quilt that needs to be finished big time. It is for my cousins baby. I origanlly was going to make it quite a while ago, but my mom decided the back had to be "just right" and thus prevented me from making it. I dug it out last night, basted and am starting to quilt it. I want to get it done before he grows up!!

I volunteer at a FOL store on Thursdays, and last thursday I was talking with a 92 yr woman that comes in regularly. I showed her a lap quilt that I made, and we started talking about quilts and sewing.

When I mentioned that I sewed on a treadle, and that I had 16 sewing machines, 7 of them treadles, she said that she'd always wanted a treadle. I offered her one.

So, tomorrow, I will have 15 machines, and 6 treadles. I am happy about it, because it gives me the chance to pass it on, as people have given me machines before, and also to clear some space in my sewing room, as it's getting kind of crowded.

Plus, I never really used this one. I like a quiet treadle, not one that thumps and this one does.
Also, leaf tension was hard for me to figure out - I was able to though, thanks to a TO member posting some pictures.

It sounds like she may use it, and I hope she does, that the machine is able to get some use, instead of gathering dust in my sewing room!

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