Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not much quilting


I have not been doing a lot of quilting or blogging lately. The days seem to rush by and I don't get anything done!!

My current project is a doll quilt, then a twin size I have to finish quilting, and then a king size quilt for my mom. My goal is to use the bargello center, and put a 50 inch border around it using sampler blocks in varying shades. My hope is to have a common color though.
I also hope to enter it in the Sisters Oregon quilt show, that is my goal.

My newest hobby is knitting. A few posts back, I said I hated it(removed said post) and that it was frustrating. I have a new look on it now, and I just hope I can keep doing it. Somebody showed me that was a teacher, and that helped a lot. I am having fun with it :)


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