Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Running out of room!

I've counted up my machines. I have(are you ready) 19 of them. 10 are treadles. I got two treadles from a TO member last week, a Wheeler & Wilson D-9 and a Two Spool :D
Then, on Thursday I gave two machine heads - a new home and a white vs III to them, and they did a drawing - I'm finding out who won this week!

The same day I did a trade with someone for the quilt I pictured on the last post for two treadles. That brought me back to 19. Would it count for 21 if I got and gave in the same day, do you think?
I'm happy about the treadles, as while the cabinets aren't in the best shape, both sets of irons are wonderful!
They were a straight leg singer, and a typical singer. A 66 in the typical, and a 15-88 in the other!

On my quilting projects I am doing 6 blocks for a BOM swap. Then I am done with my sewing for the month, and can finally do what I want without deadlines. My next project is a signature quilt with 180 spaces...

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