Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Bargello...

I've made some good progress on my Bargello. I have 20 different strips of fabric, 3 1/2 inches wide. They are light to dark blues, and are very pretty in my opinion ;)

I've been sewing them on my faithful Riccar. It's a circa 1962 Green Class 15 clone, in a Singer Straight leg base. It is a awesome machine!

Currently I have all the stirips sewn together, now.... I just need to cut. This project has really consumed me, I am not like this on a project - usually. I don't think I have ever been. My constant thought process is: Bargello Bargello etc etc etc....

I am looking for a Davis Vertical Feed - as I posted, I recently got a base for one, now I have an excuse to get another one ;)
I was watching one on Ebay, but I asked the seller how many watchers, and she said 18. Yikes!!

I'm off to sew, and obsess over The Bargello... Will be posting pictures pretty soon, maybe later today.

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