Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New - sort of Treadle!

I need to start the Bargello soon - I'm thinking about it more.. In the meanwhile, yesterday I got a treadle! It worked out very nicely for me and getting it, the seller was very nice. It was funny. I thought it was a White FR head, with a base that the machine(White FR) would fit. I got the White FR of which I now have 2 - though the one I got yesterday looks a lot nicer then my other one.

So, we were driving home, and I looked back at it. The irons didn't look particularly white like...
It looked like my Davis NVF base, only nicer. Sure enough, I compared it, and they are for the same machine. While I was hoping to get a base for my White FR, this is even better! I love my Davis NVF - and now I have a excuse, I call it "bait" to get another one :) I put my Davis NVF in it, and it works so nicely.

It was really neat, the cabinet's sliding chain had come apart(all parts aside from a few screws were there) and I was able to get it to work again! I've never done anything like that!

Now, for this to be quilt -ish, and not just me going on and on about a new treadle ;)
I signed up for a Round Robin yesterday. It sounds like it'll be fun - I already have a center for it, and I think I'll learn a lot. I've been postponing joining one, because I felt like I wasn't good enough. I hope I've learned enough to be good enough, but the rules didn't appear to say "you work has to be perfect" it was more do the best you can...

Wow, this got long! Shows you how long I can go on and on and on about treadles...


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