Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quilt for a friend...

I got the bargello even further finished( I added more onto it) and I am going to put borders around to make it a king sized quilt. I am think I need a 50 inch border, not sure what I am going to do with that yet!

I am making a signature quilt, and I'm starting to work on that right now. I have a charm pack, and thus am laying out the sqaures. It's going to be very simple, just squares solids and white alternating. I have until the 12th to get it finished, so I need to hurry!

Today I talked to a women I have known for quite a few years. She used to quilt, but has not done so for a while. I'm going to make her a lap quilt in blues. I am thinking maybe a Jacobs Ladder pattern but I am not sure.

Yesterday we picked up from a booksale - Manzinita. It was fairly nice, and we got about a truck load and a half(maybe around 2 tons) from them. They are the nicest sale we pick up from, so it's well worth the 4 hour driving time! We took two trucks, and one broke down sadly, so we were able to call AAA, and get it towed back to salem. Luckily it was under 100 miles!

I had a eventful day, at any rate, and I am hoping to make tons of progress on the signature quilt.

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